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Steeped Tea Cafe

On my way home from an amazing trip to the Chesapeake Bay Watershed forum, I ran into the most unique and unexpected place. We were simply looking for some coffee, but instead we found a beautifully decorated tea house.

Steeped Tea Cafe is a family owned and operated tea house in Manchester Maryland right off of route 30.  When we walked in we were greeted by their wonderful host Megan. She sensed our initial apprehension, being that we were only looking for a coffee to go, yet she welcomed us with open arms and made us feel more than welcome. 

Their menu includes deserts, teas, salads and sandwiches. They offer a few choices such as:

  • Scones & Tea: two homemade scones served with a pot of tea of your choice.
  • Tea Lunch: choice of two: soup, salad or sandwich with a scone, a miniature desert and a pot of tea of your choice.
  • Traditional Afternoon Tea: Assorted half sandwiches, scone, dessert, and a pot of tea of your choice.
  • High Tea: soup or salad d’jour, assorted half sandwiches, fresh fruit, scone, assortment of sweets and a pot of tea of your choice.

We decided to go all out and get high tea for two!

The food was DELICIOUS! Better than I could have even imagined. Each course perfectly portioned and presented on the most adorable tea sets. After our delicious tea, we talked with the chief and learned about how it was a family endeavour and how they wanted to truly make it welcoming for all.


We had such an amazing time, we decided to take our daughter and her friends back for a tea party!! It was just as good, if not better the second time! The girls LOVED every part of it.  They had children options of food and portions and were VERY accommodating!

I highly recommend stopping by the Steeped Tea Cafe to enjoy high tea! They are only open on the weekends, 10am-4pm.

Raine Dawn

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