Do we desire recognition, or respect.
Do we desire material gain, or personal growth.
Do we desire independence, or building community.
Do we desire being right, or learning to be better.

Plein Air Painting

For the first three days of summer break, I participated in a Baltimore County Public Schools Art Educator workshop at the Hampton National Historic Site. The first workshop was “Painting with Pastels. We got an overview of some of the history of the site prior to choosing where and what to create and were able…


Are you interested in getting away for a few days to tap back into your being?

Looking for a new experience to help you reconnect with your soul?

Excited about Art, Yoga, and Meditation in nature?

Our Art and Soul Retreat would be perfect for you!

Touchdown for Teachers

Walking in to work yesterday, I received a large white envelope from the Baltimore Ravens. Thinking to myself….what is this?! Opening it in the office lobby… I found a letter from the Baltimore Ravens… WOW, was it a nice surprise! Touchdown for Teachers is a program that recognizes local teachers for outstanding service to their schools and…

Beating Expectations 

This past Friday, I held our monthly drum circle at Firefly Hollow Wellness Center in York, Pa.  Drum circles are the last Friday of every month, and I have been leading them for about 8 months. Over the past few months the drum circle has developed its own style and pace. We have regulars who…

To Dye or not to die

❤ with every choice we make… we create the reality we desire ❤
Does anyone know of any natural alternatives for red hair dye?

Budget Cuts

There is an updated federal budget and it shows something that immediately triggered the CEEQER in me… a cut in funding to all the art and education programs. This is a MAJOR shift and as an Art educator in the public school system, I will be affected by this change. So when I read this,…

Art & Soul CEEQER Retreat

I am super excited to be hosting my first retreat! The Art and Soul CEEQER Retreat, Journey to the Divine I Am. July 7th-9th 2017. This is a full moon weekend as well! My dear friend Amber and I have come together to host an art and soul retreat. Unleashing our Divine I am through art,…

Art is Prayer

“How breathtaking it is to start out on a journey into the unknown. To start off in new directions takes courage, and faith. Faith that even when there are no external signs to indicate where or how we should proceed, we are not lost.”   These paintings are dreams and visions from within, brought to…

Hot Pickles at Codorus

After weeks of energy shifts, this weekends energy was well received.  I spent the weekend in the woods at Codorus State Park with my family and friends. We rented a tent site in loop A, and stayed Friday night and Saturday night. Friday night we set up our camp, and had smores with the kids! My…

Wake up

Every day I will do at least one thing that makes me feel beautiful, even if it’s just to smile at a stranger.


This year I attended the 2017 National Art Educators Association Convention in New York City. I have attended this convention more than a few times and every single year is amazing. Not only do I take home lots of art goodies, I take home new ideas and inspiration for my teaching. Aside from attending a fabulous…