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Week 1 – Ambidextrous

Things that are hard to do with only one hand

open cereal bags,
putting toothpaste on a toothbrush,
pulling up my pants,
taking pictures,
opening jars, driving,
putting hair in ponytail
shaving armpits

EXPERIMENT: Things to do using your non dominant hand, just for fun

putting on mascara
brushing your teeth
texting, typing,
pluck eyebrows


Alas, it is getting better!! Today I got my more permanent fiberglass lightweight cast! The xrays look really good, and its setting perfectly.

<3 Thank you all for the good healing love energy

2 replies on “Week 1 – Ambidextrous”

Thinking of you sweetness! I’m so happy is healing perfectly. Love the pink cast! Hope the kid’s has a great first week of school.

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