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Henna Party!

This weekend I was asked to do henna for a little girl’s 9th birthday party.

I always love doing henna parties, especially for kids. They are so inquisitive, and excited to learn about henna!  When I tell them it comes from a plant they are amazed, and start asking even more questions. It is so refreshing for me to share my passion for henna with the youth, to see their excitement light up the room.  The only thing that make it better is when their parents see the henna and immediately want one of their own.

I had such a blast this weekend, and I am so grateful I am able to serve and inspire those around me through my art. <3

If you’re interested in scheduling a henna party, for a birthday or even a ladies night, click here !

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The Art of Intuitive Henna

I am an intuitive artist…

This unique henna design comes from each persons energy in that moment…

The designs are used to meditate upon.

The honor and pleasure I receive when creating these one of a kind designs is like no other. It is literal co-creation. Without the other person receiving…I cant not share this gift. ❤🙏

These photos are from events, private parties and one on one sessions.
Contact me if your interested in setting up an appointment!

My Henna is made from all natural henna plant, sugar, lemon, and essential oils such as Eucalyptus, Lavender, Frankincense, and Rose

Check out my calendar for community henna events I will be attending!