We Are a Part of Something Greater

What better way to collaborate then with an art project, so we started the school year off with a class mural. I had each class vote on an image that would represent their class, and then I created that image using masking tape over a square board. Students then chose a color to represent themselves…

Giving up Approval for Authenticity

So this is my eleventh year teaching art at Ridgely Middle School. I can hardly remember what it felt like to be a new teacher… a bit worried, stressed, and anxious…. About how the students would respond, if they would understand the process, and if they would be as excited as me about it all… About…

The Art of Intuitive Henna

I am an intuitive artist… This unique henna design comes from each persons energy in that moment… The designs are used to meditate upon. The honor and pleasure I receive when creating these one of a kind designs is like no other. It is literal co-creation. Without the other person receiving…I cant not share this…

The Process

Get a driving desire to create. Gather materials and tools. ACT : Apply Creation Techniques ART : Action Rewards Truth ❤ Raine Dawn

Unicorn Birthday Painting Party

This past weekend I taught twelve 10 year old girls how to paint a unicorn! It was a blast! I love working with young adults who are eager to create.  First we drew our unicorns using vine charcoal, and basic shapes. Each girl drew her own unicorn, and decided which colors they wanted to use. …

Will Power

Will power… the power to act upon your will. I will to create I will to paint I will to teach I will to facilitate I will to share I will to love unconditionally What is your will? Donate ETH: 0x869C02bAF1cE395f434FEE34f5650e5bB62a42Ab Donate BTC: 1GyAhFLq531occEzEkfSrxsuFrva1UqSMp  

10th Year Teaching

In August of 2008 I began my journey into the public education system as an Art Educator.  How it happened was very synchronistic… I had a few interviews that summer, determined to have a placement by the beginning of the school year. I went to counties all over Maryland…. Talbot, Harford, Cecil, Montgomery, with the…


Could it be that we are blocking our cup from receiving the ever flowing abundance from the universe?

Plein Air Painting

For the first three days of summer break, I participated in a Baltimore County Public Schools Art Educator workshop at the Hampton National Historic Site. The first workshop was “Painting with Pastels. We got an overview of some of the history of the site prior to choosing where and what to create and were able…

Last full week

This past week was the last full week of school for us… two more days next week. It really doesn’t feel like summer. The weather in PA/MD has been unusually cooler than summer time weather.  My students finished their self portrait projects and they look fantastic!! I am thrilled with the quality and unique character…


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