Watercolor Exploration

Usually I am the teacher, but sometimes my daughter Element wants to teach as well! She made the beautiful painting featured in this blog, and showed me how she did it! Remember to Like and Subscribe!  

Stone Creek

The water at Burns Valley Herbals and Retreat that flows beautifully through the woods, has been named Stone Creek, for the many stones you can find there. Stone Creek houses many little waterfalls and surrounds a few little islands! These islands have been cleared and named as well… Solomons Stone Island, and Circle Stone Island. …

MAEOE 2020: The Shore

Creative expression is simply a part of the journey. Our interconnectedness to all of creation is the energy, stewardship is the interaction of our connectedness…the product is beauty and love through creative expression.

Quarantine Art Series: Sitting Stone

Every now and then it is important we go outside and sit. To listen to the wind blow around us, and feel the earth beneath our feet. Sitting stone is just the place to do that at Burns Valley Herbals and Retreat. I enjoyed sitting at the bench and painting the mountains! I am looking…

Diving Deep – Into the Unknown

Let go of the fear, and head into the unknown.  Remember to have compassion for and be gentle with yourself. The one thing that matters in the end, is simply being your own best friend. You are doing amazing things in this new world. Thank you for sharing what you know, and who you are, with the world. <3 

Quarantine Art Series: Flowing Hollow

The sound of flowing water is so grounding to me. Sitting in the woods, sun shining down on my face, hearing the birds chirp and the water rushing… food for my soul. I have walked down to the Flowing Hollow a few times the past month here at Burns Valley Herbals and Retreat.  The space…