Art Class Southern York Wine and Painting Party

Painting Happy Crabs!


The first painting at The Hodle was a great success.

We had happy crabs all over the place!




Look out for our next painting party event!!

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Summer, where did you go!?

July just flew by, and August seems to be following along! I think it might have something to do with all this nice cool weather, or just the fact that ALOT has been going on!


We went on the Steam Into History train ride! It was so much fun! I am going to be doing some art crafts on the train starting in September! It was awesome hearing about all of the history around our new town!


We’ve been hiking a few times on different trails in York County. The La Ho trail was a beautiful hike!


My friend Elizabeth and I went to the Summer Event at The Stone Mill. Oh it was a lot of fun…and its a beautiful place. The owner and I have discussed doing painting parties there! I am so excited!! Its a great opportunity!

It has been a summer of opportunities!!

Most Popular Wine and Painting Party

Super moons and Sunsets

With the beauty of the sky every evening,
we should be in awe of the universe and give thanks for all of the things the day has given us.

With the beauty of the sky every morning,
we should be in awe of the universe and give thanks for the infinite amount of possibilities available to us.

Our sunset paintings delicately manifested themselves on our canvases while the wine flowed.

We had sweet and salty, and dark chocolates as our guides. Along with the sweetest of Blackberry wine from Logan’s View Winery, Moscato pink Champaign and a nice Cabernet Sauvignon.

The palm trees danced in the cool breeze after a hot summers day.

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. . .take a walk

On Wednesday we went for a walk, ok it was more like a marathon. The three of us ready to go, Element in her stroller while Theo and I take turns pushing. We set out on the rail trail in Glen Rock south towards New Freedom. It was so hot and humid out, but we were blessed to find tons of blackberry bushes ripe and ready for eating along the trail! We wondered what other plants we could eat, and which plants and berries we need to stay clear from. I’m always interested in knowing what plant life and vegetation is around and what uses they have.

So we reached Railroad and stopped by the General Store. When we walked up to the door we saw they were closed on Wednesdays and Fridays so we were going to head over to Captain Bobs Crabs. We quickly found out they do not open until 3pm and it was only 1.  So we had to decide…did we want to keep going and eat lunch in New Freedom, or turn around.  As we were contemplating this major decision, the owner of the General Store opened the door and let us come in to check it out! It was so cool seeing all the old record players and antiques. There were also a lot of old books, and beautiful old photographs. I could just see myself sitting in a house back in the 1800 playing my gramophone.  The owner turned on some music while we walked around. It was a wonderful experience, we have to go again and spend a little more time there. They also had hanging flower baskets outside for sale so we purchased a beautiful red one and picked it up on the way back.

Now its about 1:45, and we’re hungry… so that helped in making the decision to walk on to New Freedom. We’ve walked the rail trail before, but never this far.  It was nice and shady in spots and the train passed us a few times, which was a nice break in scenery. Element wanted to stop at a big playground in a nice park off the trail, but it was too hot to just sit in the sun.  There was a beautiful house on a hill, with an amazing porch, right before a sign that said New Freedom .9 miles.  As we arrived, the trees disappeared and it was REALLY HOT for the last quarter mile. The trail was paved and it was wide open for the train station, which made it feel even hotter. We quickly made our way to the train museum building.

We needed to eat lunch, and we saw The Hodle restaurant across the street from the train museum so we decided to go there.  The restaurant has a huge staircase up to the door, and an open porch area. The restaurant is really nice on the inside…remodeled and has an awesome loft upstairs.  The margarita the bartender made was delicious, and the chick quesadilla was really good.  It had fresh vegetables in it, and the chicken was juicy. The place had a nice relaxing atmosphere. Apparently Wednesdays is Crab Night, wish we would’ve decided to go for an evening hike!

After eating lunch, we headed over to the Rail Trail Cafe for desert.  A girl needs some good desert after a 5 mile hike! The Rail Trail Cafe came to the rescue with a delicious berry smoothie! It was made from fresh blackberries, blueberries, and strawberries. Oh and we also got a rice krispy treat…whoa…they sure do know how to make them. I like my rice krispy treats marshmallowy and buttery. Delicious.

So now that we are full and ready for a nap, we have to head back to Glen rock… another 5 miles. Oh my feet were sore and my legs just wanted to rest. But we pushed our way back…it was even more fun carrying the hanging flower basket back. One guy walking past us as we walked home asked if we were taking our flowers for a walk because Theo was carrying Element on his shoulders and the flowers were in the stroller. Seeing us from another persons perspective made me chuckle. We finally got back to Glen Rock around 4, and still have to walk up Church Street. What a hike!

What started out as just taking a walk, turned into a pretty awesome adventure and a great workout!
Its amazing what you’ll find in your world when you do something spontaneous and out of the norm.

~Raine Dawn

Wine and Painting Party

Dream Catchers

Dream catchers are sacred circles. Being that I am Ojibwa, also known as Chippewa, dreamcatchers have always been a party of my life.  Growing up, there were dream catchers hanging on every wall, in every window, and in the car. We even had dream catcher earrings and christmas tree ornaments. I remember growing up making dream catchers in school and sunday school.  Though I don’t remember being taught exactly where they came from. I simply remember that they catch bad dreams and let the good dreams go through.

So as I got older I started reading and researching dream catchers and found that they were believed to have been created by the Anishnabe tribe, which is where the Chippewa began.  The Anishnabe people originated on the east coast, but migrated west after a prophecy about a disaster.  When they traveled west, there were groups of people who wanted to stay and adapt to the places they were. So there became different bands of tribes. My tribe is the Turtle Mountain Band of Chippewas, in North Dakota.

So, there was said to be a time in Anishnabe history when the people were being tormented by nightmares. There was an elder who had a vision of a spider’s web in the morning dew, and knew each drop of dew was a bad dream the spiders web had caught the night before. As the sun rises in the dawn, the bad dreams are transformed by the light and evaporated. The people began crafting these beautiful ornaments to clear their space of bad dreams. Over time grandfathers and grandmothers created them for newborn children and were hung above the cradleboard to give the infants peaceful, beautiful dreams.

So now we know a little more about the dream catcher paintings we recently made! It was such a blast! Thank you four for a wonderful evening! Your dream catchers are truly unique and each of you did an awesome job!




Most Popular Wine and Painting Party

DragonFly Lotus Warriors

The group of ladies who painted the dragonfly lotus flower painting, were true creative warriors.


This painting was on the more advanced side, and these ladies took on the challenge open and ready to take it on.  There were many steps to this painting… first the moon, then the sky, water, lily pads, dragonfly, and finally the lotus flower. Each of these steps included mixing colors, creating values, and painting the shapes and details of each object! Talk about intense.  The final products were definitely worth it!




Thanks for sticking in there!! Amazing work!

~Raine Dawn